Week 4 post: The Doubling of Place – The Internet, Mobile and Television

Moores, Shaun. “The Doubling of Place: Electronic Media, Time-Space Arrangements and Social Relationships” In Couldry, Nick. And McCarthey Anna., Eds. MediaSpace: Place, Scale and Culture in a Media Age. Loundon: Routledge, 2004, 21-37

In this reading, Moores focuses out the concept of media’s ability of pluralizing places and interaction, rather than weaken our sense of being. He solidifies this idea by referencing views from few other writers, especially his agreements with the Scannell’s. In this contemporary late modern period, we are experiencing closer relationships and communications with each other through the use of high technologies. The limitation of physical location between people, time as well as distances has been reduced through the use of mobiles and internet.

In the beginning of his article, he suggests that public events in this late modern period are always occurring in two different places which one is the place of the event and the other is the place where people watch and hear the event. Base on the Scannell’s idea of “doubling the place”, we are experiencing our sense of being in both the event and our home through the media.

Media has changed the space when where events are usually presented. Like the funeral of Princess Dianna mentioned in the text, which millions of people were focusing on the tv for the whole day and were feeling great pain. As what Turnock asked, why we crying for a person we have never met before? This can be explained by how electronic media and broadcasting creating celebrities like Prince Dianna, who present in the feelings of “dailiness”. Furthermore, base on the concept of “doubling of place”, the media is offering a real sense of access, which generates the effect of being and involving in the event to the absent audiences.

Moores then focus on the Turkle’s notion of online relations. According to Turkle, the internet is letting “muddlers” to create and exist in different roles and various virtual worlds at the same time. I strongly agree with this. Everyday I am existing in different roles while using the internet. When I am finding information for assignments, I am acting as a student of UNSW; when I am browsing websites like facebook, I am a friend of my friends. My roles keep changing while I get in different websites. Moreover, the use of internet also double the place as we are existing in both the virtual and physical place while we are surfing the net.

Moores last tells a story about a young woman in train using her mobile to chat with her boyfriend then the conversation was invaded by a stranger. Like the internet, while we are chatting with others on the phone, we are like having a face-to-face contact though we are distances apart physically. Thus, our sense of being in a place is doubled.

Horace Li (z3232900)


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