Week 7 Post

Rizzo, Teresa. “Programming Your Own Channel: An Archaeology of the Playlist”. In Kenyon, Andrew, Ed. TV Futures: Digital Television Policy in Australia. Carlton, VIC: Melbourne University Press, 2007, 108-134.

I found this article quite interesting to read because Rizzo mentioned the current TV viewing habit of many people, including me. In this reading, she focused on the concept of playlist and how the new flow of current viewing practices is created by the development of high technology. In the reading, she brought out three cases of current media:Foxtel IQ (e.g. TIVO), youtube and the apple ipod and explores how these new media shifted the traditional way of broadcasting and viewing.

In the case study of Foxtel IQ, Rizzo brought out the ideas of high technology media audiences are having the ability to create their own individualised channel. They can create their ownplaylist and watch their favorite TV programmes by not following the traditional TV schedule. This new viewing trend also leads to an increasing level of personalisation as it enables people to transfer their channel into different media platforms and watch them in any place they want.

In the reading Rizzo also focused on how youtube transformed the usual way of broadcasting. Youtube is not only letting people to create their own playlist, but also encouraging them to broadcast themselves. Thus there are no boundaries between producers and consumers in the youtube world. Also youtube has fulfilled people’ desire for communities which people with similar interest can be easily joined together.

For me, I enjoy watching youtube as it providss me a various kinds of videos to watch and it is updated seconds by seconds. By visiting youtube, I can have the chance to view many videos like the overseas show “Britain’s got Talent” which I couldn’t find a way to get them previously.  Also,youtube is developing in a fast speed. Now it provides HD videos and the loading speed is becoming faster.

The last case study of Ipod focuses on how the new media shifted the time and space of viewing and how it creates a high peronalisation. I totally agree with this as I sometimes like watching videos in my 120 GB iPod classic, rather than just listening to music. I found the high mobility made my TV viewing habit more enjoyable. I don’t need to sit in front of the TV in a specific time and watch those boring advertisements during the breaks.

Years ago I could hardly image the way of broadcasting will transform to a way like this.  So at this moment, I am really looking forward to see how the media can transform further and create a total different broadcasting experience for us.

Horace Li (z3232900)


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