Week 8 Post

Haddon, Leslie. “Research Questions for the Evolving Communications Landscape.” In Ling, Rich and Pedersen, Per, Eds. Mobile Communications: Re-negotiation of the Social Sphere. London: Springer – Verlag, 2005, 7-22

The reading by Leslie Haddon focused on ‘explore the merits of looking at mediated communications in general’, exploring how people select and react to new media technologies. In the article, Haddon raised up four main research questions to tell us the way of how the new media operates. They are: 1) the boundaries might we consider as a communication practice? 2) what are the continuities between the elements of communication repertoire? 3) how and why do we mange and make choices between the elements of these repertoires? and 4) what factors contribute to changes in communication choices?

For the first research question of “what boundaries might we consider as a communication practice?”, She gave an example of how gaming encounters new elements to communication repertoires. She mentioned about years ago, computer players, especially men, were isolated in front of screen. However nowadays the appearance of online games has made playing the computer game a very sociable activity. Players can group together and communicate with each other in the gaming world.

In the second research area Haddon focused of the “continuities between media”. She mentioned that none of the new practice just came out directly. They were evolved or developed from the existing form of media. For instance many years ago, when I wanted to send someone a word document, I had to do it by the fax machine. Nowadays I can it even with extra features like pictures and sound  by just clicking a few buttons in computer.

In the third research area, Haddon explored how the choices between communication options of the youths today are shaping and how the social constraints are affecting the choice of media.

The last research area concerned the dynamics of communications and choice, and the concepts of how people develop new routines and change practices in order to adapt to the media for handling certain types of communication. A previous experience of mine is that when I taught my grandma using the computer, she found many difficulties on that. However today, she can access the computer, surfing the internet by herself after a period of time of trying and learning.

The development of media technology really makes our communication more convenient and easier. The boundaries between people are seems to be smaller. However in my own view, the actual boundaries are becoming larger and larger. It can be proved by examples like nowadays many of us don’t hang out with friends physically, but virtually in the internet. As the media technology is developing fast, I am worried of how our social world will be in the future.

Horace Li (z3232900)


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