Week 2 post

Silverstone, Roger. “Domesticating Domestication. Reflections on the Life of a Concept.” In Berker, Thomas, et al, eds. Domestication of Media and Technology. Berkshire, UK: Open University Press, 2006,229-248

This is my week 2 post. This may be weird to do the week 2 post again as this is week 12 now. Actually, I have missed one post as throughout the whole semester I always think that I can skip 3 posts. I have actually read the article when doing my proposal assignment. So I decided to re-do my week 2 blog now.

This article by Roger Silverstone explained the concept of Domestication. The domestication of technologies is deeply linked to the social and cultural change. Domestication is inseparable from our daily life. Since the middle of the last century, the boundaries between public and private life is reducing continuously due to the development of communication and information technologies like internet and TV. In this contemporary society, the introduction of technologies to domestic is very fast. However many people are confusing of whether to involve in such social practice. Some of them are have already relied on those high technologies as they believe that their living could be more convenient by using internet, TV, telephone etc. However, some people want to have their social life unchanged. Thus domestication has created a contradiction between the reduction of boundaries between public and private life and its original background theory, which is, to create enhancement and security in everyday’s life.

The reading also mentioned that, domestication is also a process of consumption. This consumption of media helps to fulfill our desires, structure our families, and become the main parts of our daily life.

My daily life at home has deeply linked to those high technologies. I use the computer everyday; I watch the television everyday. I remember when I was a little boy, I didn’t have computers at my home. When I recalled those old days, my life was more substantial than now. I played with kids in the neighborhood everyday after studying.  I was more sociable than now. However nowadays when I finish my studying, what I do is surfing the internet. I think I am addicted to it and my social life has been changed.
Horace Li (z3232900)


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