Week 10 – The Generosity of New Media—Science, Technology and Innovation

As a media student who takes Psychology as minor, I always have a doubt in my mind – since media technologies are developing at such a fast pace nowadays, is scientific development influenced, or even benefited by that? Two of the readings from this week, which both of them are from a website http://seedmagazine.com have given me the answer.

Everytime when I work on my psychology papers, what I have to do is to access heaps of psychology in order to explore and examine an experiment’s result, procedure and the background knowledge behind it. The article “On Science Publishing” has delivered some clear concepts of how scientific publishing are influencing by media technologies in the distribution aspect.

For long, the print technology has turned science knowledge into an economic transaction, as well as allowing the peer to review it. We’ve long be connected the idea of “knowledge” to the reality of “words printed on paper.” Yet, due to the high cost of printing, scientific journals are now chosen to distribute in the online platform.  Hence, the old style “Paper-based knowledge-compression systems” can yield to this brand new rule where some previous limitations of the ““Paper-based knowledge-compression systems” can be eliminated. Apparently, data, side points, protocols, “failed” approaches, and software can be easily published. Moreover, narrative text is no longer constrained by page lengths and research materials can be linked in-text for easier ordering. Distribution of science has evaluated from paper-based to digital-based. Yet in contrary, many people has found more difficult to access scientific papers online as they used to be protected by password and stuff set up by the distributers.


Wilbanks, John (2011) ‘On Science Publishing’, Seed, <http://seedmagazine.com/content/article/on_science_publishing>

Seed (2011) ‘On Science Transfer’, Seed <http://seedmagazine.com/content/print/on_science_transfer>


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