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MDIA 1002 first post

I have been keeping in touch with news since I got the first computer in my 11-year-old birthday. Since then, I began to develop my habit to browse through the news via websites like yahoo every morning. Before being a Communications and Journalism student, I preferred reading news in this way because of its convenience. However I started to turn my interest to the traditional form of newspaper since I got a free subscription of the Daily Telegraph for this year. I found reading the more traditional form of newspaper is another experience, which motivates me to focus more on the vocabularies and word structures those professional journalists always use.

I won’t really rely on using any language tools when reading news or magazine but I still make use of the dictionary occasionally, especially the electronic form of it when I face difficulties in reading a more academic article.

From my experience in Sydney Uni last year, deadlines were really tragedies for me. I remembered one time I finished my psychology major assessment just half an hour before the tutorial started. Fortunately I was living in the Sydney University Village which is close to uni, if not I think handing in this piece of work on time was impossible for me. Though this experience was so horrible for me, I still believe deadlines are acting as a huge motivation for me to finish the assessments on time.

Horace Li (z3232900)